The Cat Association of Topeka (C.A.T.) began its operation in the spring of 1988 and since then, has placed thousands of cats and kittens in loving homes. In July of 2003, the organization moved into its current facility. The shelter features colorful cage-free rooms with lots of cubby-holes, ramps, ledges, ramps, and steps for cats to play or just escape for a much-needed nap. Secure screened in porches provide views of nature and visits from a neighboring squirrels and birds. Our quarantine room has its own air system, providing a safe environment for recovering or ill cats.

The growing need to provide care to cats over the next several years pushed us to expand into a second building.  This helped to add four more rooms to provide a quiet environment to some of our older and shyer residents.  With extra help they receive loving care and a place to relax and feel safe.


We have provided a shelter where cat lovers can gather. We hope we have succeeded in creating a cheerful, friendly space where the public, volunteers, and supporters of C.A.T. want to visit and feel welcome.

Our Catty Shack retail store sells Hill’s Science Diet dog and cat food in a variety of flavors and diets. We have plenty of pet supplies from food bowls to grooming tools. There are unique gift items for pets and the people who love them. It’s a fun place to shop and meet some of our feline “greeters”. All the sales help to support the shelter and the care of the cats. Not a penny is wasted.


We know that C.A.T. provides a great service to our community and has been successful in developing a needed niche. Along with C.A.T.’s adoption program, every opportunity is used to educate the public on the need for sterilization and the importance of vaccinations, good nutrition and proper pet care. We also know, however, that much more needs to be done to help many more cats and kittens. We’re still turning away far too many of our furry friends due to lack of space.

As we continue to grow we hope to establish a broad-based volunteer coalition, and increase the number of adoptions to caring homes. We are also working towards a coalition of other animal care organizations in our community, and increasing awareness in the community. We have a great many kind and generous supporters who help us. It’s a great place to be a cat lover, or a cat!