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Cat Association of Topeka is a no-kill, non-profit cat shelter.  We seek to:

  Provide opportunities for adoption of relinquished, stray and abandoned cats and kittens.
  Provide a safe alternative environment to care for cats and kittens while they await adoption.

  Suggest options for finding homes for cats we are unable to shelter.
  Increase the awareness of and educate the public regarding the following:
--Responsible pet care and guardianship.
--Issues pertaining to pet overpopulation and the need to spay or neuter pets.
--The importance of preventative health care and annual vaccinations.
--Encouragement of community responsibility in animal welfare "overpopulation" issues including feral cat management (TNR).

  Foster a community of cooperation among all animal welfare organizations.
  Actively develop strategies to reduce pet overpopulation.


C.A.T. will not euthanize healthy, adoptable cats to make room for new ones.  As a no-kill shelter, C.A.T. is limited to the number of cats and kittens it can adequately accommodate.  Cats are admitted from a waiting list, with priority given to those in greatest need.


Our cats and kittens are available for adoption and may be seen Tuesday through Saturday.  Our staff will be glad to help you select the perfect cat for you.  We can also assist you with current pet needs.  We carry top quality pet food, a variety of pet supplies, and gift items to delight every cat lover on your list (including you)!  All sales help support the shelter!



Anyone interested in adopting a cat or kitten is asked to fill out an application. This enables us to assist them in selecting a cat or kitten best suited to their wants and lifestyle. It also helps us avoid placing a cat in a situation where it may become stressed or endangered. We also ask that all family members come in to help pick out a cat.  The shelter will accept the return of any cat (adopted from C.A.T.) for any reason. 

When a cat is brought into the shelter it is given a general exam, receives an upper respiratory vaccination and dewormed. It is then spayed/neutered, tested for Feline Leukemia or Feline AIDS, and made available for adoption. Our budget does not allow for us to provide rabies vaccinations. However we recommend that this be done as soon as possible.

Once an application is approved, adoption fees are $60 for males and $65 for females. Senior cats are available for half-price fees.  All new owners get a 10% discount in our Catty Shack Retail shop for 30 days to help outfit their new kitty.  Applications may take longer than a day to approve.

We do reserve the right to deny adoption.


Since C.A.T. is a no-kill shelter, we are limited to the number of cats and kittens that we are able to house. C.A.T. provides shelter for approximately 90-100 felines. The cats we are able to accept are brought to us from a variety of circumstances. Some are relinquished by their owners because of moving, lack of finances, or inability to care for them. Most are stray or abandoned and in need of love and shelter. When space is available, highest priority will be given to those cats and kittens in the most desperate need.

People needing help placing their cats in a new home should call the shelter and consult with our kennel manager about their situation.  Please be aware that our waiting list is extensive.  We do not require an entrance fee for cats, but we are grateful for any donation that can be made when cats are brought in.  

Since our available spots are dependent on current adoption rates, we cannot guarantee a set amount of time before one is available. It is recommended that other methods of placing a cat in a new home be tried as well.  For ideas on finding a home for a cat, please contact us.


C.A.T. is deeply concerned regarding the thousands of stray and abandoned pets in Topeka. Because C.A.T. realizes the importance of sterilization, all cats & kittens adopted through C.A.T. are spayed/neutered before adoption. This assures that cats and kittens adopted through C.A.T. will not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem. C.A.T., like many other shelters, has been quite successful with its "early spay & neuter" program.

C.A.T. also partners with other area groups to provide spay/neuter services to those in financial need or assistance with stray/feral cat colonies.  To learn more about these organizations or how you can help, please contact us.


Remembering C.A.T. in your will allows your support of the shelter to continue beyond your lifetime.  C.A.T. also offers a lifetime care plan when cat guardians are no longer able to care for their pet.  For more information, please contact us.

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