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Through the years we've met or talked with a lot of animal groups, advocates, rescues and shelters, and a variety of animal lovers. Some just like to talk about our common liking of cats and dogs and other kinds of companion animals. Others have services to offer or have given us advice. And some sites were recommended to us by our supporters or volunteers. While we cannot link to them all, we do try to list some of them here. Many have added links to our site on their web pages, and we appreciate the traffic.

We hope visitors will understand that we currently only link to animal-related sites. We also cannot endorse any particular products or services and simply list them here as helpful sites to visit. All link requests are reviewed by our board before being added.

If you know of other useful sites or information links, or if you notice a link not working, let us know by e-mail. We loving hearing from other concerned animal lovers, and it's important to keep up with current issues.



  • About Cats - About.com's section on cats alone. It has a large collection of information on breeds, behavior, cat care, and health.
  • CatNews.com - News about cats from around the globe
  • KittenRescue.com - A highly informative site on caring for orphaned kittens. From bottle feeding to general care, every thing you need is at this site.
  • Meowhoo.com - A cat-related web directory for everything feline. Links, links, and more links to cat websites on grooming, breeds, rescue, cat products, health and entertainment.


  • CatBeGood.com - A comprehensive resource on cat care and behavior from an experienced cat lover.
  • JacksonGalaxy.com - A cat behaviorist with more than fifteen years of experience – and the host of Animal Planet’s hit show My Cat From Hell



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