An update regarding COVID-19 Virus

Shawnee Co. Health Dept. has issued a stay-at-home mandate starting Thursday, March 26th until April 26th. With that in mind we are making changes to our operating hours to keep everyone safe, our staff, volunteers and supporters.
Starting Thursday adoptions will be closed. We hope to resume adoptions as soon as possible since we have so many wonderful kitties ready to go to a good home. Our retail shop is currently well stocked and we will be offering curbside service for shopping. Just give us a call to check on what we have in stock and we can arrange payment by phone or mobile pay at your car.
Many have asked if we need anything or if there are ways they can help. There are some simple things that would be a big help to get us through the next month. If you can, any donation to our operating funds would be appreciated. Even $5 will feed a cat for a week. As for supplies, for now litter is our biggest concern. Our weekly deliveries are experiencing delays so if you can help with any non-clumpling litter we would be grateful. And anything from our wish list is always appreciated!
We really appreciate all the support we receive and we want to continue to be here to help cats and cat lovers as much as we can! Feel free to message us with any questions. Be safe!

Help the cats with Dillon’s Community Rewards Program

Dillon’s Community Rewards program continues to be a great fundraiser for us. If you’re not familiar with it the idea is simple. Get a Dillon’s Plus Shoppers Card, setup an online account on Dillon’s website, enroll your card in the Community Rewards program and choose which nonprofit to support. Then every time you use your Shoppers Card a portion of the sale goes back to your chosen nonprofit!
If you have been participating, THANK YOU! And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to go into your online account and re-enroll for this year. Our NPO number has changed to YW158 but you can also search under our name.
If you ever need help signing up stop by the shelter and chat with Diane, our retail manager. She’d be happy to help you enroll!

Our cats love Kuranda Cat Beds!

The Kuranda cat beds and towers have been a great addition to our cat rooms.  The cats love to lay on them, crawl under them and nap for hours.  Sometimes they like them with blankets or pillows and sometimes they just like the cool vinyl.  They are durable and easy to clean.  If you’d like to help the shelter cats by donating one check out our wish list here.

Want to buy one for your cats (or dogs)?  Visit the Kuranda website to see their great selection!